2U, Inc. and edX to Join Together in Industry-Redefining Combination

Unlocking free-to-degree opportunities for learners, universities, and employers.

2U will acquire substantially all of the assets of edX—a leading nonprofit online learning platform and marketplace—for $800M in cash. Together, 2U and edX will reach over 50 million learners globally, serve more than 230 partners, and offer over 3,500 digital programs on the world's most comprehensive free-to-degree online education marketplace. The combined scale, reach, capabilities, marketing efficiency, and relationships of 2U and edX will unlock unprecedented opportunity for learners, universities, and employers worldwide.

Transaction Highlights.


A shared mission and vision to expand access. 2U and edX have each built mission-driven organizations grounded in the belief that online education and greater access to the world's best nonprofit universities can change lives. 2U has committed to continuing to pursue the edX mission by, among other things, guaranteeing affordability through the continuation of a free track to audit.


Global reach with unprecedented opportunity. Together, 2U and edX will reach over 50M learners and 1,200 enterprise customers worldwide, including the 79% of edX’s community of learners who reside outside the U.S.


The world’s most comprehensive free-to-degree online education marketplace. edX and 2U will have a combined and complementary portfolio of more than 3,500 offerings from the world’s top universities and corporations.


An unmatched network of university and corporate partners. 2U’s network will expand to include more than 230 partners—including over 185 nonprofit colleges and universities and 19 of the top 20 ranked universities globally.


A trusted global brand with significant consumer reach. edX's thriving marketplace will enable current 2U partners to efficiently reach a larger audience of global learners, offer a wider array of offerings to meet changing learner needs, and expand the impact of their institutions.


Proceeds of the transaction will flow to a nonprofit that will continue under the leadership of Harvard and MIT. The nonprofit will focus on transforming educational outcomes and tackling learning inequities, as well as advancing next generation learning experience platforms, including Open edX.

2U and edX were founded on a shared vision that online education has the power to expand access, create opportunity, and transform lives. Alongside university partners and contributing faculty, Anant Agarwal and the edX team have built an innovative, respected, and globally recognized destination for online higher education.

— Christopher “Chip” Paucek, 2U Co-Founder & CEO

As edX looks to its next phase of growth and impact, joining forces with 2U marks a major milestone in our evolution. 2U’s people, technology, and scale will expand edX’s ability to deliver on its mission of providing access to high-quality education to enable all learners to unlock their potential.

— Anant Agarwal, Founder and CEO of edX and MIT Professor

Today’s announcement will carry forward the edX mission on a whole new scale, connecting many more learners with a wider range of high-quality options for content, credentials and degrees. With online education rapidly changing, it’s the right moment for this leap of evolution for edX.